BMW future electric champion with 1000 km of autonomy?

BMW has announced the start of the production process for solid-state batteries for electric cars. These batteries will allow an interesting autonomy close to 1000 km

While technologies are constantly evolving in the electric car sector, many challenges remain. Among these, autonomy. Indeed, to make a long trip, you need big batteries. However, the latter are expensive and heavier in production, which influences the autonomy and consumption of the electric car. While some manufacturers are opting for small batteries, others are working on innovative alternatives. For its part, BMW plans to roll out a solid battery by the end of 2023.

BMW continues its efforts for the production of solid batteries

The solid battery is a promising revolution for the electric car. With much greater energy capacity, this technology will allow manufacturers to boost the autonomy of their connected vehicles. In addition, it reduces the volume of the battery and as well as its price BMW, which does not wish to let the train of solid batteries pass, strengthens its collaboration with Solid Power. In fact, they signed a research and development agreement. BMW will thus be able to set up at its cell manufacturing skills center a pilot assembly line for solid-state batteries.

Through its press release, the German manufacturer announced that it was going to create a production lineintended for solid-state batteries for electric cars

Prototype expected by the end of 2023

Solid Power is expected to supply the very first cells in 2023 for pilot projects. According to the Bavarian manufacturer, these batteries should integrate the manufacturer’s electric cars from 2025. This autonomy must then around 800 km with a fast charging in 20 minutes around.

The 3 Series will be the first electric car to benefit from this futuristic platform, a project dubbed Neue Klasse. This project began to materialize, with the BMW i Dee.

The solid battery in mass in 2030

While the majority of manufacturers are convinced that the solid battery will not arrive for a long time in electric cars, BMW continues to participate in its development. The brand provides a massive arrival of this technology in 2030. This German company is far from the only one to embark on this project.

In fact, in 2017, she already concluded a collaboration with Solid Power. This company specializes in the design of solid-state batteries with sulphide electrolyte.

Moreover, the collaboration between the two actors is not limited to the prototype of solid state battery. Solid Power will also allow the German firm to take advantage of its resources and know-how.

BMW future electric champion with 1000 km of autonomy?