“BETWEEN THE LINES” / PAN intends to destabilize transformation in Tamaulipas…

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DIRECT THE STATEMENTS OF THE MAYOR CARLOS PEÑA ORTIZ IN REYNOSA AGAINST THE STATE PRESIDENT OF THE PAN LUIS RENE CANTU, NEITHER THE “PUPPY” NOR HIS HEAD CABEZA DE VACA -EX-GOVERNOR OF THE STATE- WANTS OR IS INTERESTED IN REYNOSA OR TAMAULIPAS, which they made for the State or Municipality, nothing positive, however, they looted, hurt families with criminal acts, their opinions do not have credibility.

CARLOS PEÑA ORTIZ ATTENDED TO HOLD THE PUBLIC HEARING IN THE AQUILES SERDAN COLONIA, WHEN HE WAS INTERVIEWED ABOUT THE ACCUSATIONS OF THE STATE PRESIDENT OF THE PAN, HE ANSWERED HIM WITH ENERGY, QUESTIONING HIM AT THE SAME TIME, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOUR GOVERNOR ordered the kidnapping and gunning down of Tamaulipas citizens, because Luis Rene Cantú Galván did not say anything about the crimes that his boss was committing, he is convenient and a liar were the adjectives towards the current leader of the PAN

NOW HE TRIES TO DO POLITICS IN SUPPORT OF CABEZA DE VACA TO TRY TO PROJECT HIM AS A CANDIDATE FOR SENATORY, HE CONTINUES TO DO SO WITH LIES, OBEYING WHAT THEY TELL HIM ON THE TELEPHONE FROM THE US, he is even ordered to make that little voice like his boss, faking everything, were part of the words expressed by the municipal president Carlos Peña in response to the video made this morning by Luis Rene Cantú, he lacked hue… (chicken product), the ruler finished off.

FILTER LUIS RENE CANTU THIS MORNING A RECORDING ON HIS SOCIAL NETWORKS TURNING THE INDICATION TO HIS FOLLOWERS, THEY WILL REPLICATE IT, WHERE HE MAKES SIGNALS OF POSSIBLE MISMANAGEMENT IN THE ACTIONS OF ROAD AGENTS IN THE CITY, a topic where the majority applauds the initiation of actions to implement a road culture which is born to us jumping to the US, currently there is no tolerance for those who are fined driving drunk, parking in “handicapped spaces”, exceeding the speed limits established in school zones or prohibited places.

SINCE SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT THROUGH TRANSIT DELEGATE MARIO SORIA JR., EXHORTED THE POPULATION TO RESPECT THE TRAFFIC REGULATIONS TO AVOID ADMINISTRATIVE SANCTIONS AS MARKED BY THE REGULATION, now there is no tolerance for fines, they no longer exist ” godparents” to request attention in payment of fines or pens, if you violated the law you must cover what the regulation establishes, this has originated normal protests, today a real culture of road traffic and respect on public roads has been implemented.

I MAKE A PARENTHESIS IN THIS LACK OF ROAD CULTURE TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS, I HOPE THE DEPUTIES OF ALL POLITICAL PARTIES JOIN WITH A SINGLE VISION, TO SEE FOR THE SAFETY OF TAMAULIPANS ON THE ROADS, REINFORCE AND CONDITION THE ROAD REGULATIONS in terms of needs real, a case of the accident that occurred a few days ago in Rio Bravo is just an example, something is wrong with road issues, up to now no legislator has taken any action to prevent it from happening again, this is more important than walking negotiating laws to marry two people of the same sex- with all due respect to those who define their sexual preferences, the unfortunate fact should leave us a lesson.

LET’S ANALYZE THE SITUATION REGISTERED IN RIO BRAVO, AN ADULT PERSON RUNN DOWN AND INJURED 18 PEOPLE, INCLUDING A TRANSIT OFFICER, THE MISTAKE OF ELDERLY ADULTS WHO NO LONGER HAVE THE SAME REFLEXES, IMPAIRED SIGHT AS WELL AS HEARING, CONSEQUENTLY NO LONGER IT IS SUITABLE for driving, here a driving age must be implemented, limited to those who have lost several important senses to be able to drive a car on public roads, that is, have a physical test done, this can be done through an initiative before the current LXV Legislature of Tamaulipas These are situations that are experienced daily where, as an authority, they are responsible to a certain degree to have a safer society.

TODAY LUIS RENE CANTU CARRIED OUT A CRITICISM NOT SOCIALLY BUT POLITICALLY, TODAY HE NEEDS POLITICAL REFLECTORS, BREAD IN TAMAULIPAS GOES IN A PLUCK, THE SAME BLUE DEPUTIES ANALYZE THE WAY OF CHANGING TO THE BENCH OF MORENA, they practically no longer see a political future in the Blue and white, those responsible for this reality, the Cabeza de Vaca brothers, as well as former deputies and former leaders who did not know how to direct the reins of a political party in power, had the opportunity to remain in it for at least 12 years.

THE NATIONAL LEADER MARKO CORTES ANAYA KNOWS THIS IN ADVANCE, HE DOES NOT GO AGAIN TO SEE TAMAULIPAS, HE KNOWS THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DONE, IT IS AN ENTITY WHERE THEY CAN NO LONGER OBTAIN ANY ECONOMIC BENEFIT, THIS SUPPLY SOURCE OF THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE WILL ONLY DRY UP , I lack authentic futuristic vision and leadership that kept the State strong politically, the ship continues to sink, there are no organizational strategies, trying to grab flags to politicize them, today the mayor defined them in one word “they are hypocrites.”

THIS AFTERNOON THE SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE GOVERNMENT HECTOR JOEL VILLEGAS FIXED THE OFFICIAL POSITION OF THE STATE OF TAMAULIPAS, PAN ACTORS TRY TO CREATE CHAOS AND THREATS THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKS, THEY INTEND TO CONTINUE WITH THE CAMPAIGNS OF TERROR UNDER THE THREAT AND UNCERTAINTY, about acts of violence they pretend destabilize the entity some from outside Tamaulipas itself, but they will not be allowed, they create rumors, the responsible members of the PAN and former officials of the Tamaulipas government try to create fear, social psychosis, in an attempt to destabilize the actions of justice .

IT IS THE CORRESPONDENCE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF JUSTICE TO ACT IMMEDIATELY, INVESTIGATE, ARREST PEOPLE WHO USE THE 911 EMERGENCY LINE TO MAKE FALSE CALLS ALLEGED THE EXISTENCE OF EXPLOSIVE DEVICES IN DEPENDENCIES of the Government, asked the population to attend the official communication channels avoiding Panic situations were part of the timely statements of Héctor Joel Villegas as Secretary General of the Government, this is one of the strategies used in the last 06 years by the past PAN government, violence, intimidation, aggression against civil society to create fear, but it becomes history.

THE TAMAULIPAS PUBLIC OFFICER HECTOR JOEL VILLEGAS WAS ALSO CLEAR AND PRECISE, THOSE WHO DID IT IN THE 06 YEARS TO LOOT TAMAULIPAS USING THE LAW PROCUREMENT INSTITUTIONS personally, this ended with the new government. of transformation under the principles of honesty and justice with the example of Governor Dr. Américo Villarreal Anaya.

NEXT TUESDAY 22, THE DIF SYSTEM OF RIO BRAVO WILL CARRY OUT FREE PAPANIC EXAMS FOR ALL WOMEN AGED 25 TO 64 THROUGH THE MEDICAL UNIT IN COORDINATION WITH THE HEALTH CENTER IN THE COLONIA GRACIANO SANCHEZ starting at 08:00 in the morning at 02:00 in the afternoon, in this way, work has been done to have a healthier population, any cancer in women will be detected, they can go to the CADIF medical unit, well for this type of campaigns carried out by Mrs. Malena Rodela de Villegas president of the DIF system in this city.

DR. WAS ELECTED JUAN MARIA CORONADO BLANCO AS PRESIDENT OF THE LATIN AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ENTOMOLOGY CURRENTLY THE PROFESSIONAL IS A PROFESSIONAL AT THE AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF TAMAULIPAS, EVENT HELD in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thus the Tamaulipas professional assumes great responsibility prepared with academic and scientific training Within the UAT, the rector CP Guillermo Mendoza Cavazos congratulated her for raising the name of Mexico and the best house of university studies in the State, such as the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas.

“BETWEEN THE LINES” / PAN intends to destabilize transformation in Tamaulipas…