Between metaverse and unusual journeys, the 14th BTO

The new forms of tourism, from the Metaverse, to unusual destinations, to medium-long term stays: these will be the protagonists of the 14th edition of BTO – Be Travel Onlife, the event dedicated to innovation and tourism, scheduled at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 November.

There will be one hundred events including insights, workshops and futuristic speeches to learn about new trends in technology applied to travel, destinations, professions, ways of travelling. The key word is Metatourism: in the exhibition space visitors will find the futuristic installations of La Jetée, starting from the ‘talking’ colonnade of augmented reality and the life-size virtual speakers.

There will also be a ‘Meta-BTO’ at the fair. Made by Carraro Lab, an unprecedented experimentation of the phygital synergy between physical and virtual events: while the inaugural speech will be held on stage, on the big screen there will be a virtual duplicate of the Leopolda, with avatars and 3D environments that interact with the real participants.

A part of the virtual exhibition is dedicated to the guidelines of the European Commission, with quotes from the positions taken by Ursula Von Der Leyen and Commissioner Thierry Breton, to stimulate an ethical, legal, safe, non-monopolistic approach to the Metaverse. A second 3D exhibition area will be dedicated to the Tourist Metaverse, an immersive evolution of real travel.

Participants will then be able to visit, in the form of an avatar, the exhibition in the Metaverse in cross-device mode from PCs, Smartphones and VR Visors: a case history that will serve as a forerunner for the applications of the Metaverse to Mice tourism.

Focus also on the issues of food waste, the advantages of digitization and traceability against counterfeiting Italian Sounding. And again: green transition of destinations, starting from new models of digital and environmental innovation from Europe, and the commitment of the Italian Regions, with the presentation of the Tourism Digital Hub. The ‘Digital Strategy & Innovation’ program will focus on the definitions of Metaverse and the applications of Web3 technologies in tourism, while Phu Styles, known as ‘Madame Crypto’, will talk about the Web 3, DeFi, NFTs, P2E and metaverse traveler communities, between dematerialized and real experiences.

Dedicated to insiders, there will be a ‘toolbox’ with analysis of the ‘solo traveller’ segment; the ‘Tik Tok for beginners’ lesson, the basic tools of Email Marketing Automation; Space for creativity in hospitality with WOW accommodations and unique selling propositions.

Online until the end of December, the ‘BTO Labs’ digital laboratories continue to encourage interaction between the various players in the regional tourism system.

For the first time, BTO will also host the Italy Ambassador Awards ceremony: the first Italian prize for the best influencers, content creators and bloggers from all over the world who promote Italy.

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Between metaverse and unusual journeys, the 14th BTO – Regione Toscana returns to Florence