Aehra: the 800 horsepower electric SUV

The car has a self-limited speed of 265 km/h and a range of over 800 km thanks to a highly efficient power train and latest generation batteries. The price will be around 160,000 euros

It’s signed ahra the 100% electric sports SUV that will be officially presented to the general public during the third edition of MIMO Milano Monza Motor Showscheduled from 16 to 18 June 2023. The car aims to reinvent the high-end electric car market with high performance (such as the presso).

Aehra: 800 100% electric horsepower

Aehra has one length of 5.10 mwith large 23 inch wheels inside and 24 at the rear, and a price starting from 160,000 euros. Remarkable performance, with a power of about 800 horsepower it’s a self-limited speed of 265 km/h. Made of selected recyclable materials, which allow the weight to be kept below 2,000 kg, the Aehra SUV has a range of over 800 km thanks to a highly efficient power train and latest generation batteries.
We are very happy to have presented the first AEHRA model together with MIMO, which we hope will also be welcomed with enthusiasm by the Mimo public from 16 to 18 June. On November 8, we unveiled not just a car, but a new paradigm of innovation, design, sustainability and technology for the high-end electric car sector – he said Hazim NadaCEO of Aehra -. The work of our team has been able to create a product that we can define as futuristic. Our goal is to overcome the current limits of the electric car, to create a car capable of reinventing the high-end market. In the scenario, our company can represent an actor capable of representing the Old Continent in high-end electric mobility“.

Aehra will be officially unveiled at MIMO 2023, it will take place between Milan and Monza and will be a highly dynamic event, which will host the largest test drive area ever created within the Monza National Autodrome, with kilometers of routes suitable for two and four wheels of each market segment and category: SUVs, city cars, models for novice licenses, family cars. The big news of the test drives will be the educational technological area set up to test the plug-in electric and hybrid models, in which the public will directly experience how the columns work and how to connect and disconnect the different types of charging connectors.
It is thrilling to have attended the presentation of the first of the AEHRA models, a car with lines and aerodynamics that speak of the future in the world of high-end electric vehicles and which the general public will be able to admire at the MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show from 16 to June 18, 2023 – he said Andrea LeviMIMO president -. The third edition which will be dynamic, full of opportunities for brands to meet the public directly, making known and testing the new models introduced on the market for all engines“.

Aehra: the 800 horsepower electric SUV