Actors and actresses who had to lie to get a role in big movies

Casting processes are usually complicated stages for any production: a bad choice in the cast can doom a film or series and, what is worse, unleash the wrath of the director.

In general, casting directors usually issue searches with very specific parameters of what type of actor or actress they are looking for for a certain role.


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Despite everything, many stars have resorted to all kinds of deceptions, some hilarious, to obtain a coveted role.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we know some cases of actors and actresses who have lied to get a role.


All over the world, Chris Hemsworth He is best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Australian stands out in the UCM movies thanks to his height of 1.90 m. However, there are productions that cannot afford a big difference between the height of the characters.

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It was Chris Hemsworth himself who admitted in an interview that, has occasionally had to falsify information about his height to be allowed to apply for a role.

However, the actor has never revealed in which casting processes he used his most creative data to try to pass the screen.


Liam Hemsworth

The stratagem of telling some fib must run in the family, because Liam Hemsworth he also did one of his own.

The actor played in 2010 Will Blakelee in The last song. His character must have some crazy volleyball skills, so Hemsworth claimed that “he was very good at that sport”.

Moral: Lies have very short legs. When it came time to play, Liam asked for a stuntman, but his height didn’t make it easy to find one, so the headmistress, Julie Anne Robinsonconvinced him to play… It was not a good idea.


Robert Pattinson

One of the most uncomfortable questions that can arise in an interview is the one that alludes to a period of time without activity on the resume.

after filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Robert Pattinson he moved to Los Angeles hoping to make it big.

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When asked what he had been doing for the last two years, the actor chose to lie and claim that he had been studying at different British universities.

He also pretended to be an American to avoid some of the inquiries from his interviewers.


Chloë Grace Moretz in The Invention of Hugo

what of Chloë Grace Moretz is on another level: he deceived the very Martin Scorsese so that he could sign her for his film Hugo.

Scorsese was looking for British actors for the cast. Moretz, American, pretended to be British at the castingtaking advantage of the accent acquired during the filming in London of kick-ass.

The director would discover the deception after the audition, when the actress recovered her accent. Despite everything, Martin Scorsese kept her in her cast, where she was able to further polish her “British accent”


Ben Hardy in Bohemian Rhapsody

the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody told the story of the iconic British band Queen, and Ben Hardy got the role of Roger Taylordespite having no idea how to play the drums.

The actor implored brian ringer to allow him to play Taylor, to which the filmmaker said he was looking for someone who could convincingly play drums.

Hardy had no idea how to use drumsticks, but he stumbled on it in two weeks, having claimed he was a crack at it.

The result was convincing enough that, as you well know, he landed the role of Queen’s drummer.


George Lazenby

The way that George Lazenby became james-bond is worthy of Agent 007. The Australian model had never acted in his life, but he was hell-bent on becoming the second man to play Bond.

dressed as Sean Connery; he combed his hair like Sean Connery and even acted like Sean Connery in the interview, with a completely fake actor profile to make a statement.

It only faltered when the director Peter Hunt he questioned him. After confessing, Hunt kept George Lazenby as the British spy in 007: In Her Majesty’s Service.


Better Call Saul

Over two decades, Todd LaTourrette (Better Call Saul) has alleged that his prosthetic arm is the result of his time in the military.

The reality, however, is much more serious, and he did not confess it until very recently. LaTourrette suffers from bipolar disorder, and her amputated limb is the result of a psychotic break..

After stopping taking his medication, LaTourrette took a saw and cut off his own limb. After confessing, the actor has assured that he will support people with treatment needs for this disorder.

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Ironically, Todd LaTourrette’s action has landed him several roles throughout his career thanks to the prosthetic arm he was fitted with.

There are many cases that have affected multiple celebrities, such as stars who openly claim that they are experienced riders (spoiler: they are not), or the ever-recurring lies about age.

Do you know more cases of actors and actresses who have lied to get a role? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

Actors and actresses who had to lie to get a role in big movies