8 Series Similar to Stranger Things that you should like!

Discover series similar to Stranger Things that you absolutely must watch after Stranger Things!

Stranger Things is available on Netflix! If you want to watch series similar to Stranger Things, read on! Series Stranger Things on Netflix represents many things. For those who grew up in the 80s, this series is like a throwback to nostalgia, with all the classic horror tropes of the era.

Even for those who didn’t live through that period, this sci-fi horror drama is a peek into that decade. When Stranger Things was released in 2016, audiences couldn’t get enough of the addictive vintage appeal of 1980s television, and it instantly became a hit among fans of all ages. To find out when season 5 will be released, read this.

Stranger Things has so many little details that make this series so special. A tight-knit group of extraordinary and fascinating children who experience an adrenaline-filled adventure, the retro-style cinematography, the music, the attention-grabbing effects, not to mention the excellent performances by the young actors, are all factors that make this series quite worthwhile.

Now that the second part of the fourth season also launched on July 1, fans are likely hungry for more nostalgic, supernatural tales. Here is a list of series similar to Stranger Things which should please you!

Series Similar to Stranger Things

Twin Peaks

There’s something about small town America and the mysteries they hide. Nothing illustrates this phenomenon better than the series Twin Peaks by David Lynch. As in Stranger Things, the starting point of the series is the occurrence of an event that disrupts the normal life of the city.

In Lynch’s series, it’s about the disappearance of a pretty popular high school girl, Laura Palmer. The FBI sends agent Dale Cooper to investigate this case. While the story begins as a detective drama, as the season progresses, the series becomes more and more Lynchian, with a healthy dose of surrealism. Unexplainable things happen in this town, and people have their own set of quirks, ranging from the adorable to the menacing, and Agent Cooper finds himself in the middle of a case that might be a bit out of reach for the FBI.


Humans who meddle in what they shouldn’t meddle with often create or release monsters or beings that end up harming humanity. But whatever the case, the inhabitants of Westworld may have missed the memo. As a result, they create a western theme park with realistic robots powered by artificial intelligence. People can fulfill all their fantasies using these robots in the park as part of their vacation.

However, things start to go wrong when some of the robots start having memories and using them. Nolan builds the narrative wonderfully over the seasons and if you liked the sci-fi part of Stranger Thingsyou will love this series.


At the heart of Stranger Things, there are friendships that are formed, or that exist. It can be the group of kids who go in search of their missing friend, or how they befriend a strange girl with powers, yes I’m talking about Eleven. While it’s undeniable that this type of friendship between children, at the heart of supernatural activities, is derived from Stephen King and we saw it in “It”, it quickly became one of the most discussed points from the Serie.

If it was friendships that attracted you, then you can watch Sense8which explores the connections between people who discover that they are connected and can share their skills, knowledge and experiences with each other.


What else do you think was going on in the super secret base of Stranger Things ? People were dealing with powers they couldn’t understand, whether it was training and monitoring enhanced individuals or opening portals to other dimensions. black-mirror is not as fantastic.

On the contrary, it is much more realistic and sinister, while remaining futuristic enough to be considered science fiction. She shows how addiction to technology affects human emotions and how it can disrupt our lives. The episodes are independent of each other and, as far as sci-fi series go, this is one of the most chilling and, in some cases, most nihilistic portrayals of technology and humanity that we have seen.


In preacher, we have a man who returns to lead his father’s church, in accordance with a promise. However, he is soon possessed by a supernatural force and ends up teaming up with his hell-seeking ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire to seek God in a world filled with demons, monsters, and other supernatural forces. . We see extraordinary feats from these ordinary people in a series that balances humor and seriousness, like Stranger Things.

The OA

Prairie Johnson returns home after seven years of mysterious disappearance, but the catch is that at the time of her disappearance she was blind and now she can see. As the series progresses, we learn how she developed her eyesight. Brit Marling, the series creator, plays the lead role. There are many similarities between The OA and Stranger Things, including the powers of the protagonist and the small group of friends she brings together. Naturally, critics have pointed out these similarities as well.

Locke & Key

Adapted from the comic book series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key follows the magical adventures of the Locke family. After the murder of the family patriarch, Rendell Locke, his wife decides to take his three children and move to their family home, Keyhouse, in Matheson, Massachusetts.

Quickly, the children discover mysterious keys in the house which open various doors, physical or not, which lead them to fantastic adventures and an encounter with a demonic entity. Children must solve the mystery of the keys and thwart the demon’s evil agenda.

Many parallels can be drawn between Locke & Key and Stranger Things. Both series involve the supernatural and horrifying adventure of a group of children. And both series have an equally gripping narrative that fans will enjoy just as much.


Another European thriller series that promises a similar experience to Stranger Thingsbut darker. Dark opens with the mysterious disappearance of a child in a small town. And soon, more such disappearances follow. The story is not that of one but of different families, at different times, interconnected by common events, and therefore, this series is a real puzzle.

Contrary to Stranger Things, you won’t find alien or otherworldly monsters in Dark. Rather, it revolves around hard science fiction, like time travel, and other complex theories and themes that will have you questioning life, the universe, and everything you know.

8 Series Similar to Stranger Things that you should like!