5 science fiction movies that have not had a sequel (so far)

We’re used to Hollywood trying to turn every release into a franchise, but these great sci-fi movies haven’t had a sequel.

Sci-fi movies without a sequel

Many of the best science fiction franchises of all time have benefited from multiple cinematic installments that have helped to expand their mythologies. Not all sequels star trek, predator either Alien they’re great, but few would argue that their legacies are isolated in a single movie. Sometimes a sequel is even better than the original; recent movies like Mad Max: Fury Road Y blade runner 2049 they exceeded expectations and became classics in their own right.

But not all science fiction sagas have that opportunity. Negative critical reaction, poor financial results, and a lack of creative interest can stop a flourishing franchise in its tracks. Not all the best sci-fi movies require a sequel either; classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey either Donnie Darko they leave no room for expansion, and they inspired disappointing follow-ups.

However, many sci-fi productions have sequel potential but never got it. Some were immediately hailed as classics. Others gained adherents over time. In any case, the moment has passed and it is likely that these franchises will never be produced, although the demand is certainly there if the stars align.

We leave you some recommendations of science fiction movies that have not had a sequel

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest is not just a delight for avid fans of star trek. It contains one of the best representations of fan culture in cinema. Movies featuring the devotees of a geek franchise often resort to derogatory stereotypes, but Galaxy Quest treats fandom with sensitivity, delving into the nuanced relationship viewers have with the stars of their favorite series. In an age where fandom is often characterized as toxic, Galaxy Quest is refreshingly positive.

The film follows actors Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), Gwen DeMarco (Sigourney Weaver), Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman), Fred Kuan (Tony Schalhoub) and Tommy Webber (Daryl Mitchell), the leads of a canceled television series who frequently appear together at fan conventions. However, these feisty and temperamental actors are forced to show true heroism when they discover that many elements of their series have been brought to life by real aliens, and they must work together when the villainous warlord Mathesar (Enrico Colantoni) is targeting Earth.

Considering all the changes that the fandom, the media, and Star Trek itself have seen since the release of Galaxy Quest, a sequel would have plenty of material to explore. Although Allen has suggested that the script was ready before Rickman’s death and rumors of a TV series continue, there’s still no word on it. This beloved sci-fi comedy classic deserves another installment.

sci-fi movies that haven't had a sequel - Galaxy Quest


Tom Cruise has starred in many of the best-known science fiction films of the 21st century, such as Minority report, edge of tomorrow, Vanilla Sky Y War of the Worldsbut his 2013 post-apocalyptic mystery, oblivion, is frequently forgotten. Directed by Joseph Kosinski (with which Cruise has recently repeated in the successful Top Gun: Maverick), which adapted his own graphic novel, Oblivion is a thoughtful and imaginative exploration of memory and loneliness that deserves more attention.

Cruise plays Jack Harper, a technician who operates a remote base in the ruins of Earth after an alien race laid waste to the planet six decades earlier. Harper’s only company is his communications officer Vika Olsen (Andrea Risborough), whose affection for Harper hides sinister intentions. Harper learns the real reason for humanity’s withdrawal from the planet when he is captured by a criminal syndicate led by former soldier Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), who informs him that a secret society of scavengers remains on Earth.

Kosinski is an underrated director who creates stunning visual effects, and Oblivion has an intriguing story that is matched by its groundbreaking production design and visual effects. It features a restrained and understated performance from Cruise, and while the film’s conclusion neatly wraps up the story, Oblivion contains a whole universe that could easily have been explored in future installments.

science fiction movies that have not had a sequel Oblivion


chronicle is one of the best found-footage movies ever made, successfully reinventing the origin story of superheroes through creative cinematic techniques. It’s a surprisingly moving coming-of-age story of strangers discovering their identity through superpowers, and it’s one of the few superhero movies to show equal empathy for its heroes and villains.

After discovering a crashed object in a field, teenagers Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Steve (Michael B Jordan) and Matt (alex russell) develop enhanced abilities and begin to follow their growth with a camera. At first, the teens use their newfound powers to get up to mischief and become popular in high school, but Andrew’s troubled family life leads him down a darker path. DeHaan’s fantastic performance depicts complex mental health issues in detail.

It would be interesting to know more about this world, and although a sequel was announced, the director Josh Trank not interested in going back. Still, regardless of who ends up directing the project — if it ever comes to fruition — another found-footage superhero story in the Chronicle universe has a lot of potential.

science fiction movies that have not had a sequel Chronicle


For the fans who were disappointed by the disastrous and crappy movie from Sylvester Stallone, Dredd it was a welcome revival of the titular character. This 2012 reboot was much more faithful to the character that has graced the pages of 2000 AD since 1977, and provided a bloody, morally charged action spectacle reminiscent of ’80s classics like Robocop. His inventive use of 3D and his commentary on police procedures make Dredd a unique entry in the canon of modern comic book cinema.

Karl Urban plays the lead role as the masked judge, jury and executioner who dispenses justice in the futuristic dystopian metropolis Mega City One. Charged with training the next judge, the psychic Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd is forced to take his new partner on a mission to stop an insane criminal war boss named Mama (lena heady). Mama’s crime syndicate has taken over an entire skyscraper and begins testing experimental drugs with deadly side effects.

Dredd is based on rich material from the comics, so there are a lot of potential storylines for the character that could be used for sequels. Unfortunately, Dredd was a financial disappointment, but Karl Urban has indicated that his growing cult status may pave the way for a TV spin-off. While a series would be exciting, Dredd’s visual appeal makes a cinematic sequel a more appealing option.

science fiction movies that have not had a sequel Dredd

John Carter

After the overwhelming success of Pirates of the Caribbeanwho revived the pirate cinema, Disney tried to revitalize other genres that had fallen by the wayside. His attempts to create another action-adventure franchise included adapting the video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Timethe technological science fiction sequel Tron: Legacy and the revisionist western The Lone Rangerbut his biggest flop was the pulp sci-fi epic John Carter.

Based on the classic novels by Barsom of Edgar Rice Burroughsfirst appearing in 1912, John Carter follows a Civil War veteran (taylor kitsch) who is transferred to Mars and forced to compete in gladiatorial matches against representatives of rival alien nations. Directed by Andrew Stantonone of the creators of pixar and responsible for Finding Nemo Y wall eis an immersive visual action spectacle.

John Carter was in development hell for decades, leading to one of the most expensive movies in history and subsequently one of the biggest box office disasters of all time. Stanton lamented that the poor outcome derailed the planned saga, as the underrated film left plenty of room to adapt other classic stories from the novels.

John Carter - featured

5 science fiction movies that have not had a sequel (so far)