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Marvel and Scarlett Johansson have been very close for a long time, but the actress has made a few more sci-fi movies.

The Black Widow of the MCU has also starred in other science fiction stories

Many times I know tends to pigeonhole actors or actresses in a few specific roles and his professional career is not explored further. Abuse of this error usually leads us to a somewhat biased opinion, since if we want to better check the acting skills of a person can’t be enough with that. Several cases have been seen that have shown this, such as Robert Pattinson or Anne Hathaway, who were pigeonholed in a type of role and they ended up being great actors.

Today we want to emphasize an actress who has been with Marvel for quite a while time and that, for reasons of money, in the end his ways have not been as good as expected. We are talking about Scarlett Johansson, the actress who gave life to the Black Widow of the UCM, since the actress has done many more movies and today we want to vindicate some science fiction tapes where it has appeared and they have nothing to do with the big M.

Sci-fi movies in which Scarlett Johansson goes to spend the weekend

The island

Year: 2005.

Platform: AppleTV (rental).

Synopsis: Year 2019. Lincoln Six-Echo and Jordan Two-Delta they are among the hundreds of residents of a kind of concentration camp. Within that carefully guarded place, your daily life, like that of others, is rigorously controlled and full of restrictions. The only way out – and the hope that they all share – is to be chosen to go to “The Island”, the only place in the world that has not suffered the polluting effects of an ecological disaster that, apparently, killed all men, except the inhabitants of that area. Lincoln, who lives tormented by inexplicable nightmares, feels increasingly restless, and his growing curiosity will lead him to discover a terrible secret.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson

under the skin

Year: 2013.

Platform: filming (subscription).

Synopsis: An alien in the body of a mysterious woman roams the streets of Scotland, dragging lonely and unsuspecting men to a fatal fate. Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Michel Faber, under the skin allows us to observe our world through the eyes of an alien.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson


Year: 2013.

Platform: HBO Max (subscription), filming (subscription) and Prime Video (subscription).

Synopsis: In the near future, Theodore, a lonely man about to get divorced who works in a company as a letter writer for third parties, one day buys a new operating system based on the artificial intelligence model, designed to meet all user needs. To his surprise, a romantic relationship develops between him and samanthathe female voice of that operating system.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson


Year: 2014.

Platform: Netflix (subscription).

Synopsis: Lucy, A young woman forced to mule a powerful new drug suddenly gains enormous supernatural powers when the drug bag ruptures and the narcotics come into contact with her body. Then, her brain starts increasing usability until it can be used at 100%, becoming a lethal machine with extraordinary abilities.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson

Ghost in the Shell

Year: 2017.

Platform: Prime Video (subscription) and HBO Max (subscription).

Synopsis: In a Futuristic Japan, the young Motoko Kusanagi, Also known as ‘the Major’ Mira Killian, is the leader of the elite task force, Section 9, whose objective is to fight against cyber-terrorism and technological crimes. In command of this covert operations unit is Aramaki and Batou stands out, an ex-military man considered one of the wildest agents in the group. But, after a dangerous mission, Kusanagi’s body is damaged, and she undergoes surgery to transplant her brain into a robotic body. This new artificial body will allow her to be able to perform superhuman feats especially required for her job.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson

Which of these Scarlett Johansson movies would you choose?

Here we end with this sci-fi genre movies review that this actress has starred in. These are not the only films that she has made in addition to the ones she made for the universe of the big M, but we wanted to rescue these five in which she has a somewhat more leading role and They are very typical stories of the genre itself that we are dealing with. So that you can look for them if you want, we encourage you to take a look at the links of the platforms that we have left.

From the web we encourage you to try to do this exercise with many more actorsSince, as we have said, the careers of many of them go beyond what made them famous at the time. This has happened recently with Daniel Radcliffe and many of the films that has been doing so I’m sure it won’t be the first or the only one that we see We encourage you to share with us your favorite movie of all these and share more acting careers that you think are the same.

science fiction movies - Scarlett Johansson

5 non-Marvel science fiction movies that Scarlett Johansson has starred in