3 science fiction movies that Lightyear has been inspired by

Lightyear, the spin-off of Toy Story, joins Pixar’s short list of science fiction films and makes reference to three other feature films in the genre

At Pixar they do their job well

the film franchise toy story has been synonymous with the productions of pixar since the first film was released in 1995. The original film introduced audiences to an eccentric collection of talking toys voiced by an impressive cast of actors and comedians. However, no character in the film is perhaps more beloved than buzz lightyearan intergalactic ranger dressed in a futuristic space suit. Buzz He’s been a pivotal character in the first four movies, and recently, audiences got a chance to learn a lot more about the space ranger in his aptly titled solo movie. Lightyear.

Lightyear is a surprisingly complex movie, given its origins in a series of animated anthropomorphic toy movies. In fact, the film had so much content that the director, Angus McLanehas expressed interest in a possible sequel, since he believes that “…there are more stories to tell.” There’s a lot to love about the latest installment in the Toy Story film franchise. Perhaps the most attractive aspect is the way in which Lightyear pays homage to several science fiction films that preceded it.

Movies referenced by Lightyear


Of course, the lightyear influences they weren’t just limited to the realm of hard science fiction. The film has also been inspired by lighter space-focused films. It has a lot of exciting spaceship combat and various robot battles. In these scenes, the film becomes a kind of homage to starwars (a franchise that isn’t technically a sci-fi movie franchise).

The film makes constant references to faster-than-light hyperspace travel, which is a major part of the Star Wars film franchise. Also, Buzz and his fellow astronauts are forced to constantly fight with the robots minions of the evil zurg (whose design is evidently inspired by Darth Vader), reminiscent of the droid battles of the saga of The Clone Wars.

Star Wars Dagobah Buzz and Robot


Looper, from 2012, is an action thriller about time travel. Although the plot is incredibly convoluted at times, it can be summed up as follows: In the future, the mafia has gained control of time travel, and a thug located in 2044, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he is tasked with the execution of mafia enemies sent to the past. However, this task is considerably complicated when an older version of his character, played by Bruce Willisbecomes your new execution target.

In some moments, the film of pixar seems to be inspired by the annoying time-travel chaos of Looper. In the franchise universe toy storythe main enemy of Buzz is an evil alien dominator named zurg. In the newly released film, it is revealed that Zurg is actually Buzz from an alternate timeline, who has traveled to the deep future using time dilation, which is where he acquired his technologically advanced suit and ship.

Buzz is forced to stop Zurg from traveling back in time to prevent the film’s crew of astronauts from landing on Earth. T’Kani Primean action that could cause a paradox capable of destroying the entire timeline.

sci-fi movies - Looper


The movie of Christopher Nolan from 2014, Interstellaris a space epic praised by the scientific community for its faithful portrayal of intergalactic travel, as well as one of the Lightyear’s key influences. Both films are poignant explorations of relativity and how time dilation can wreak havoc on a person’s life and relationships.

Near the beginning of the movie, Buzz offers to test a hyperspace fuel. When the test minutes conclude, he realizes that four years have passed around him. However, he continues to perform the tests and, in total, 60 years pass for Buzz. His loved ones have aged considerably, and some even pass away in the time that elapses during the tests. Some of the most heartbreaking moments in Interstellar revolve around the character of the astronaut from Matthew McConaugheywho sees his children on Earth rapidly age while he carries out his mission, and Pixar’s film uses this same scientific and moral conundrum to an excellent degree.

Interstellar Lightyear

3 science fiction movies that Lightyear has been inspired by