15 Actors Who Were Forced To Make Movies They Didn’t Want

When you’re an actor, you might hate having to work on a certain project.

Here are 15 actors who were contractually forced to make movies they hated:


Keanu Reeves said a friend forged his signature on the contract that required him to do The vigilantbut, unable to prove his claims, he decided to make the film rather than take legal action.


Ryan Reynolds was obligated to make the movie deadpool before the script was written, so when X-Men: Origins went into production, the studio told him, “Make Deadpool in this movie or we’ll find another one.”


Due to a demand of 20 million dollars for breaching a verbal agreement that he made to be the protagonist in Theodore RexWhoopi Goldberg accepted the role of Katie Coltrane.


After several months of legal battle against Universal for the terrible film Dieter, Mike Myers reached an agreement and agreed to do another film with the studio, The cat in the Hat.


Natalie Portman advocated for Patty Jenkins to direct Thor: The Dark Worldbut after Jenkins will abandon the project for fear of being blamed for the bad script, Portman continued to be contractually bound to reprise her role as Jane Foster.


Emily Blunt wanted to accept the role of Black Widow in iron man 2but sadly, she had to say no because she was already hired to do Gulliver’s Travels.


Bill Murray signed on to voice the iconic cat in Garfield: The Movie because he misread the director’s name as Jeff Coen (burn after reading Y Fargo), when in reality it was Jeff Cohen (cheaper by the dozen Y Dad’s Camp).


After director Steven Spielberg turned down shark 2Roy Scheider also wanted to drop out, but Universal forced him to retake the role of Martin Brody by his contract.


Channing Tatum stated that, as part of his three-picture deal, Paramount did not give him the option to opt out of G.I. Joe: The Origin of Cobrafor which he was pushed to accept the role of Duke.


Jennifer Garner hated playing the main character in Elektrabut since it was she who originated the role in Daredevilthe spinoff was part of his contract.


Val Kilmer purposely botched his audition to Top Gun: Passion and Glorybut due to contractual obligations, he had to accept the role of Iceman anyway.


To avoid being sued by Paramount Pictures, Edward Norton accepted the role of Steve in The master scam.


Matt Damon expressed that the script of Bourne: The Ultimatumthird Jason Bourne movie in which he starred, was “unreadable,” a “career-breaker,” and “embarrassing.”


And finally, during the end of the professional rivalry with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger read the terrible script of Stop or my mom shoots! then he spread the rumor that he had a “tremendous interest” in her, which he knew would make Stallone a lot more riled up and accept the lead role.

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15 Actors Who Were Forced To Make Movies They Didn’t Want